Long Goodbye

The Essex Green – The Long Goodbye


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Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, White

Debut follow-up albums have a dreaded reputation for falling short of their predecessors. The Essex Green bucked the odds and delivered a masterwork release with The Long Goodbye in 2003. The band's core trio of Sasha Bell, Jeff Baron, and Chris Ziter were fresh out of the influential Elephant 6 stables with their stunning twin releases, a self-titled extended play and the classic full-length Everything Is Green.

Compared to the psychedelic swirl and sunny disposition of Everything Is Green, The Long Goodbye was a mature and incredibly thoughtful endeavor that emphasized the core members' evolution in songwriting and arrangement. Remember when XTC jumped the Black Sea post-punk ship and delivered the eccentric and elegant English Settlement? The Long Goodbye embodies that massive leap by taking risks and sinking the debut album blueprint. Their second full-length has a more relaxed and assured vibe, akin to the feel of summer's end. There's a sense that the band is preparing for a new season.

The Long Goodbye is timeless work and warrants another introduction to the world.

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