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Spectrum - Highs Lows and Heavenly Blows

Spectrum – Highs, Lows and Heavenly Blows


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Limited 180gm audiophile vinyl LP pressing, limited 1500 copies on Transparent Red

Peter Kember, better-known under his name Sonic Boom, recorded several albums with his band Spaceman 3 before he started working on his new project Spectrum. With the song-oriented Highs, Lows and Heavenly Blows he made a powerful album. He worked together with guitarist Scott Riley, as well as regular collaborators Pete Bain from Spacemen 3 and Alf Hardy. The droning and hypnotic tracks are built upon the sounds of synths and guitar elements.

The album leans on the shoegaze and space-rock from the early 90's. It's one incredible journey through the musical ideas of Sonic Boom. The English musician Peter Kember was a founding member of the successful alternative rock band Spacemen 3. Since the disbandment of the band he is working under the name Spectrum.

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