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Secret Garden ‎– Songs From A Secret Garden

Secret Garden – Songs From A Secret Garden


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'Winner of the 1995 Eurovision song-contest, Secret Garden release their 1996 debut album on vinyl for the VERY FIRST TIME. This features the hauntingly beautiful 1995 Eurovision-winning song “Nocturne”. They've sold 1.7 million world-wide. “Call it Celtic, call it Folk, call it Spiritual, call it Celestial: Secret Garden's muse is all these things and yet it's own thing; like the best of things, it's unclassifiable and, at the same time, it's language is universal. It has little need to overwhelm by force of power – rather, it embraces by seducing and beguiling. Sow your secret garden, and you harvest pure gold. Maybe it's just time to let that secret out, to share it with millions who will go on to make it their own.” Cyrus Meher-Homji “In the late 1990s… while many pop stars were trying hard to enter China yet failed, Secret Garden was already one of the best-known foreign artists in the Middle Kingdom… Something in their seemingly simple music stirs deep emotions of the Chinese people.”

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