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Pia Fraus – Empty Parks


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Limited edition of 500 hand numbered black vinyl LP.

Following the release of their long-awaited Field Ceremony, Pia Fraus are back with a new LP entitled Empty Parks. This time, the band consists of Eve Komp (vocals, synth), Kärt Ojavee (synth), Rein Fuks (guitar, vocals, synth, tambourine, shaker), Reijo Tagapere (bass), Joosep Volk (drums, electronic percussions), and Kristel Eplik (backing vocals). Volk is back on drums for the first time since 2002’s In Solarium and, of course, the original singer Kristel Eplik provides backup vocals which brings back a nostalgic lineup for this album’s recording.

“Empty Parks” takes the listener on a different journey than prior Pia Fraus full lengths. The album begins with an underlying, mild sense of melancholy. The bright, effervescent guitars and vocals are recognizable in a way that only Pia Fraus can make them, but they bounce off a bit of minor chording and slight tension. It’s a beautiful balancing act the band keeps until that bright poppiness returns almost entirely in tracks like “Sweet Sunday Snow” and “Paper Flower Projects”. An emotional ride every fan will want to take, and new fans will be impressed with, the song arrangements on the album are in perfect order and the stand-out standards are equally thrilling. Hidden Parks may be the band’s best outing yet and is most certainly a reflection and soundtrack to the events going on worldwide.

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