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Brand new 7” single from new album “outfit of the day”. “CELINE” feat. Amanda Åkerman, Alpaca Sports, “CARVEN” feat. Alice Hansen, You’ll Never Get To Heaven.

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Limited 7 inch single from long awaited album “outfit of the day” both songs included this 7” featured 2 female singers from Sweden and Canada. Amanda Åkerman of Alpaca Sports who co-starred in the live was welcomed to participate in A Side “CELINE”. they were inspired by 80’s synth pop such as Prefab Sprout and 80’s disco/hits such as Haywoode, Patrice Rushen, swedish Lake Heartbeat.

Alice Hansen of “You’ll Never Get To Heaven” joined on B side “CARVEN”. it reminds of Jazzy indie bands on él label, cherry red. filled with 80’s jazzy synth pop. Miyuki Ohashi, the illustrator active in the domestic and international fashion magazines is appointed for the cover art. clear orange vinyl.


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