Karen Souza - Hotel Souza

Karen Souza – Hotel Souza


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Karen Souza, who brought the commercially successful series Bossa & Stones and Jazz & 80's to life, is now presenting a new album, Hotel Souza, which features previously unreleased songs for her own, making her comeback, decided to satisfy her loyal fans. Full of wonderful songs, this album surprises us with wonderfully produced tracks, which reveals a thorough treatment for each song. Accompanied by her musicians, she displays her unique voice and performing style.

After the success of Essentials, her remarkable debut album, Karen decided to go for everything. She paired with record producer Joel MacNeely. Famous for his job with immortal artists such as Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett, Al Green and Jaco Pastorious. His talent defined Hotel Souza and provided it with brilliant arrangements rarely seen nowadays. Karen's voice floats between clouds of strings and winds in an undoubtedly vintage sound. Besides, for her version of “I heard it through the grapevine” (Marvin Gaye's classic), Karen enjoyed the privilege of performing with several musicians from Marvin's original band. Recorded in Los Angeles and with a fantastic sound, Hotel Souza, is one of the albums that are making a huge impact internationally.

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