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Jacqueline du Pré - Richard Strauss- Don Quixote

Jacqueline du Pré – Richard Strauss: Don Quixote


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Strauss, R: Don Quixote, Op. 35
Jacqueline du Pré (cello), Herbert Downes (viola) & Desmond Bradley (violin)
New Philharmonia Orchestra, Sir Adrian Boult

This album was originally supposed to be recorded by Jacqueline du Pré with Otto Klemperer, but after only one day of recording the conductor withdrew from it and from the concerts that were planned a few days later. Klemperer was promptly replaced by Sir Adrian Boult for the concerts at the Royal Festival Hall and Boult and du Pré made a complete performance at Abbey Road Studios which was recorded.

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As wrote Andrew Keener, who edited and remastered this album for the 1st release in 1995 (on CD): “Judging by sundry noises (pencils dropping, even talking at one point), Boult’s single take was probably made with the recording light off and it may have been simply a whim to switch on the recorder.” To remedy “the inevitable handful of significant flaws and a missing first bar (caused by a belatedly switched-on recorder)” Keener made a few short patches from the Klemperer takes, and the result is incredible.

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