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Jacob Gurevitsch ‎– An Introduction

Jacob Gurevitsch – An Introduction


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Vinyl, LP

This vinyl debut album 'An Introduction' consists of selected works from the 'Lovers In Paris album, a few from his 'Cinematica' Ep and some from his forthcoming album 'In Search Of Lost Time. ' 'Mexican Margarita' is a truly impressive piece of guitar work with superb bongos and bass – already an essential tune for any Balearic collector – and the recently released single 'Spanish Inquisition' a current DJ Harvey fave, shows his technical and compositional ante into the world of Flamenco. 'Mapa de Soledad' and 'Poesia Del Mar' both gorgeous and moving Mediterranean-flavoured ballads full of emotional keyboards, soulful strings and accordions. The indelible upbeat of 'Motive Loco' and elegiac cinematic 'In Search Of Lost Time' remains memorable long after listening and this hits the nail on the head. Jacob Gurevitsch the guitar player and composer has a unique sensibility to write themes and melodies that transcend time and sound like divine interventions.

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Three years ago, Danish guitar player and highly acclaimed session musician Jacob Gurevitsch made his solo debut with ‘Lovers In Paris’, a sweetly melancholic single which conquered sunsets worldwide and earned a place in many quality compilations and has over 10 million views on Youtube. Roll forward to 2018 and this stunning track now heads up the Danish guitarist’s first vinyl album, on Kenneth Bager’s renowned Music For Dreams label. The original album of ‘Lovers In Paris’ album entered the iTunes chart at #1 position in Denmark and was (back then) being hailed as one of the Records of the Year by the Balearic Community. And the success story continues. With over 2 million monthly streams Jacob Gurevitsch is a name to watch.

A1 Lovers In Paris
A2 In Search Of The Lost Time
A3 Mexican Margarita
A4 Poesia De La Mar
A5 Motivo Loco
B1 Mapa De Soledad
B2 Spanish Inquisition
B3 Tiden Der Forstår
B4 Zsa-Zsa
B5 If Da Vinci Was A Girl

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