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Indigo Girls is the second studio album and first major label release by the Indigo Girls. It was originally released in 1989 on Epic Records.

The album received mostly excellent critical reviews, went gold after six months and eventually went platinum. The duo was nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy, and won one for Best Contemporary Folk Recording.

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Track listing

“Closer to Fine” (Emily Saliers) – 4:02
“Secure Yourself” (Amy Ray) – 3:35
“Kid Fears” (Ray) – 4:34
“Prince of Darkness” (Saliers) – 5:21
“Blood and Fire” (Ray) – 4:38
“Tried to Be True” (Ray) – 2:59
“Love’s Recovery” (Saliers) – 4:23
“Land of Canaan” (Ray) – 3:57
“Center Stage” (Ray) – 4:46
“History of Us” (Saliers) – 5:27

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