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Ice Choir - Designs in Rhythms

Ice Choir – Designs In Rhythms (LP)


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Ice Choir 2nd album, Limited Edition LP with full color insert, limited turquoise blue vinyl.

For fans of: Gangway, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Sophie And Peter Johnston, Scritti Politti, Cocteau Twins

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Shelflife (USA) and Fastcut (Japan) are proud to bring you Designs In Rhythm, the sophomore full-length release from Ice Choir, the project of New York based artist Kurt Feldman. Designs In Rhythm will be out September 9th on limited edition vinyl (USA and Japan), CD (Japan) and Digital (Worldwide). It’s been four years since Afar, the band’s debut album was released; those who have been patiently awaiting a follow-up will find that this record exceeds expectations.

Feldman’s experience as a musician boasts both depth and breadth. He’s a commercial sound designer and composer by trade, which has informed many of the decisions made on Designs In Rhythm. It has also impacted the way he thought about music during the process. Within the past year, Feldman has collaborated with artists such as Kristin Kontrol, DIIV, and Chairlift; scored an upcoming PS4 game (Gunsport, 2016); produced a film score (Cruise, 2016); and contributed music and sound design to campaigns for numerous iconic brands. It’s amazing that he had time at all to work on a new Ice Choir record, but thank god he did.

Designs In Rhythm is a record that was crafted, top to bottom, by Feldman himself. The album’s ten tracks are shimmering, infectious, maximalist pop gems. More than that, however, each song acts as a reflection on what it’s like to think and create in 2016. Although each song has its own narrative, Feldman believes that allowing the listener to attach their own meaning to his music is more important than his own intention in creating them. This album is one that asks you to unravel, absorb, and sit with it – all things that Feldman makes easy for us, thanks to the lush production and irresistible melodies. Designs In Rhythm is that type of invaluable record that will stick with you for a good while after.

1. Let’s Music
2. Unprepared
3. Designs In Rhythm
4. Windsurf
5. Variant
6. Spectacle
7. Noosphering
8. Amorous In Your Absence
9. Comfortable
10. The Garden Of Verse

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