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1983 - Passes On The Other Ocean

1983 – 渚にきこえて (Passes On The Other Ocean)

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The masterpiece 3rd album of City Pop Orchestra 1983 is released on analogue with clear vinyl specifications!

A group of talented musicians / musicians, formed in 1983, formed by bassist Kato Shinma who continues to support many musicians including Tokumaru Shugo’s support at the front line. The 3rd album, which has been praised by listeners, is finally decided to be analog!

A deep, yet sharp sound produced by Toshihiko Kasai, a contemporary master of D.A.N., skirts, and Yoshihide Otomo, as engineer / co-producer. It is a must-have piece for vinyl listeners, who can feel the musical strength more vividly with the richness of the analog record.

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