Sasakura Shinsuke - Rocking Chair Girl

笹倉慎介 Sasakura Shinsuke – Rocking Chair Girl

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The 2008 debut album “Rocking Chair Girl” by singer-songwriter “Shinsuke Sasakura”, who is also active as a band “OLD DAYS TAILOR” “, has been a long-awaited analog after 10 years!

Eight songs that were created by moving to U.S. Army House in Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture in search of the atmosphere at the time when Eiichi Otaki and Haruomi Hosono created the music. After that, the sound of the founding period of guzuri recording house where various artists are recording is decided to be analog release with 180g weight board.

バンド’’OLD DAYS TAILOR’’としても活動をしているシンガーソングライター“笹倉慎介”の2008年のデビューアルバム「Rocking Chair Girl」が10年の時を経て待望のアナログ化!


その後、様々なアーティストの録音が行われているguzuri recording house 創成期のサウンドが180g重量盤でアナログリリース決定です。

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