山田稔明 - 新しい青の時代

山田稔明 – 新しい青の時代 (LP)

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The first masterpiece of Toshiaki Yamada (GOMES THE HITMAN) and the highly acclaimed 3rd album from all directions are first analog!

山田稔明(GOMES THE HITMAN)の最高傑作と各方面から評価の高い3rdアルバムが初アナログ化!

Released in July 2013 as GOMES THE HITMAN's vocalist Toshiaki Yamada's third solo album, “The New Blue Age” has earned high praise in all directions, and is a very popular piece of work by Toshiaki Yamada's masterpiece. .. In commemoration of the 5th anniversary from the release, the long-awaited analog board has been realized. In this reissue, the original 10-track specification that was intended at the time of production, and the illusionary original version of the picture by illustrator Toshiyuki Fukuda, are packaged in a luxurious double jacket binding. At the turning point of the 5th anniversary of the release, it is the birth of the new “New Blue Age”.

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