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佐藤奈々子 - Kissing Fish

佐藤奈々子 – Kissing Fish (LP)

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Nanato Sato's work, whose WANT is now increasing from overseas, and the popular '79 work have recurred in analog!

“Kissing Fish”, a work of 1979 that gathers envy from overseas DJs and collectors with the participation of Kazuhiko Kato, Kan Inoue, and the Moon Riders, with the ennui artwork standing in the harbor at dusk.

The oriental arrangement that helped the world view was due to Kan Inoue, who was in his early career. Kazuhiko Kato, Yoshitaka Minami, Akiko Yano, and Motoharu Sano also participated in the song writing.

Her name is the most modern air among her works, such as Enny Reggae's “heroine of toys” that ponders about summer resorts, “China Doll” where Inoue's ethnic skill was fully demonstrated, and “Shanghai Bansking”. It is a board.


夕暮れの港に佇むアンニュイなアートワークと、加藤和彦や井上鑑、さらにムーンライダーズの面々の参加で海外DJ、コレクターから羨望の眼差しを集める'79年作”Kissing Fish”。



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